Shutaf Soap Box



This week, the Jerusalem City Council approved plans to create an Israeli “Speakers’ Corner” in Gan Sacher (see here). The original “Speakers Corner” which is located in London’s Hyde Park, was established in 1872 and has become a symbol for the right to free speech and a forum to petition for the rights of disadvantaged people.

Once established, I am sure that crowds will gather round to hear Israeli, American and Russian accents arguing for what they think is missing in the State of Israel. However, the sad irony about a place like “Speakers Corner” is that the people who need to be heard the most struggle to speak at a place like this.

Unlike those who will stand up at Speakers Corner on their soapbox to gather support for their rights, those with special needs, and specifically, children with special needs, need our help as partners to make sure their voice is heard.

Shutaf (literally, ‘partner’) listens to children with special needs to ensure that their voice can be heard, and we speak up for children with special needs so they can receive the services they deserve.

So what can you do to help?

Well, once Gan Sacher’s “Speaker’s Corner” is established, we’re going to need some soapboxes! Until then, and especially as we prepare for our largest summer camp yet, any support you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Please visit and click the ‘DONATE NOW’ button.

Johnny Solomon, Director of Communications


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